Welcome to Utkrusht ERP

Utkrusht ERP is a service offered by Utkrusht Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

As a part of the ERP, We are releasing the HRMS system on the cloud.

HRMS on cloud platform would provide you with the following modules

Payroll and Leave Managment are available in the following two models

Payroll Module Features

  • User Definable Salary Heads
  • User Definable Declarations
  • Employee Services
    • Payslips download
    • Income TaX Calculation download
    • Employee updatable declairation
  • Salary Register (for Employeer)
  • Bank Statments (for Employeer)
  • and More

Leave Managment System

  • User Definable Leave Types
  • Work Flow based approval process
  • User definable Mail CCs
  • Reports
    • Leave Balance Report
    • Leave Availed Report
    • Reporting Employee Leave Balance Report
    • Reporting Employee Leave Availed Report
  • and More
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